How Virtual Reality Will Impact Digital Marketing in the Future?

The integration of virtual reality (VR) in digital marketing is no longer a futuristic concept but an emerging reality. As VR technology evolves, it promises to revolutionize digital marketing strategies, offering unprecedented levels of consumer engagement and immersive brand experiences. In this blog post, we will explore the future impact of virtual reality on digital marketing, examining key trends, benefits, and applications. How Virtual Reality Will Impact Digital Marketing in the Future The are a number of benefits that VR will bring to the digital marketing industry Virtual Reality Trends in Digital Marketing As we look towards the future, several virtual reality trends in digital marketing are poised to transform the industry. These trends include: Enhanced Customer Engagement: VR offers highly interactive and immersive experiences that capture consumers' attention more effectively than traditional methods. Personalized Marketing: Through VR, marketers can create tailore

Check Out The Best Tactics To Generate ROI From Google Search Advertising Campaigns

Today Google Ads has made digital advertising more very much simpler. The best part of the Google Ads campaigns is that they are highly measurable in terms of money investment and ROI. This tool has provided plenty of options to tailor your ads to relevant customers. With updated AI and machine learning algorithms, Google Ads is providing more customized solutions to its advertisers by introducing smart automated bidding and campaigns so as to boost the advertisers ROI. Seeing the automation changes it's very necessary for advertisers to draft a campaign advertising strategy so that it becomes easy for advertisers to reach their target audiences. 

So here are some of the golden tactics to generate ROI from Google Ads search campaigns.

  • Optimize Your Landing Page: this step is a big key to reach your target audiences. Design a user-friendly page for advertisers with a sign-up form and an appropriate call to action on the landing page. For eg, if I'm designing a landing page for a travel company include the entire USP of your tour package with the complete sign-up form and add a "Book Now" call to action on the landing page. This will play a key role in generating valuable leads to your campaign, you can also add details like about us, clients, service quality and the relevant solutions that you'll be offering to your customers as compared to others. This will make the landing page experience very prominent and will also boost the quality score of keyword which will definitely lead to high-quality leads on primary keywords.
  • Create Eye-Catchy Ad Headlines: use catchy phrases like mentioning your discount, special offers and also add your primary keywords into your ad headlines with an appropriate call to action that drive traffic into your ads. Don't forget to add your major USP's to your ad headlines and descriptions to attract customers. Catchy ads play a key role in driving the traffic and boosting the required ROI for the campaign.
          Eg: Buy Levis Shoes Online 1st Headline
                 Get Upto 50% Off. Shop Now 2nd Headline
                 Free Shipping 3rd Headline
  • The recent Ad format consists of 30 characters for the headline and 90 characters for the description. The latest Responsive Search Ads consist of 15 headlines and 5 descriptions.
  • Use Ad Extensions: Utilize all the ad extensions to fill up the USP of your brands. Ad extensions are the additional information apart from the ad headlines and descriptions. They play an important role in boosting the CTR of your campaigns.

  • Be Wise In Selecting Keywords Type: Try to use phrase match and exact match keywords to tailor your ads to the relevant searches. Like if you use phrase match keyword like "us tour package" the ads will be shown on relevant variant search terms like us tour packages and affordable tour package for us as per the recent updates. (Note that as per recent update Broad Match Modifier keywords will be expiring shortly so all the BMM variants will be included in phrase match only). Whereas in exact match keywords the ads will be shown on the same keywords with no variants. Use of these two keywords plays an important role in showing your ads on relevant keywords thereby boosting the chances of high-quality leads from relevant queries. If you use right keyword types you can generate ROI in 1 lead only.
  • Set Up Conversion Tracker: make sure to set up conversion tracking properly to measure conversion values just paste the conversion tracking on the <head> section of the thank you or confirmation page. To simplify conversion tracking you can use Google Tag Manager also to set up conversion tracking you just have to put conversion id and label in the GTM you can set up conversion tracking in GTM without coding.
  • Focus On Quality Score: Quality score of any keyword is a very key player in search advertising campaign it's decided on three factors Ad relevance, landing page experience and CTR. Higher quality score leads to lower cost expenses and higher ad position, with high chances of getting relevant leads in a limited budget.
          Ad Position Formula=QS*Bid of keyword

          Actual CPC=Ad Rank Of Previous Competitor/Your QS

          This Table Explains It All-Ad Rank Calculator Algorithm

          Company   QS    Bid          Ad Rank   Actual CPC
          Amazon       9  *   5 = 45          1                4.6
          Helios          6  *   7 = 42          2                  6
          P&G            4  *   9 = 36          3                  9
  • Negative Keywords: Filter out your negative keywords for your campaign and add them before the start of the campaign so that you get all the relevant searches on the keywords that your target audience uses. This will eliminate unwanted keywords thereby reducing the campaigns average CPC.
  • Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion In Ad Copies: This is a big hack to get quality leads and improve campaigns quality score. By using this your ads will be displayed as per the keywords search query. This can be explained by a simple example below
         It is used like this Ad Copy
         {Keyword: BMW Car Battery}

        For eg, if users search with therm audi car battery the ad headline will automatically turn to 
        Audi Car Battery. Thereby boosting the chances of lead generation and ROI.

  • Bid Higher On Mobile Devices: Try to bid higher on mobile devices as the searches on mobile devices are very high as compared to desktops so a higher bid adjustment on mobile devices can play a crucial role in driving quality leads leading your campaign ROI generation.


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