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Mystery Of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 Solved?

Though flying is a very memorable experience. But if you think about the plane crash or disappearance it might give you big goosebumps. What if the pilot switches of all the communication devices and takes the plane to a no man's land? Yes if one has wrong intentions then one can definitely opt for such a ghastly step. Flight no MH 370 was a victim of such intentions and no one can ever forget this flight number as it is the most "Mysterious Disappearance" known to the entire world. People still want answers to this traumatic disappearance of this flight. Well, after doing so much in-depth research and analysis finally it was difficult to understand what really happened to the flight but people putting their eyes in this blog will get answers to the world's biggest aviation mystery of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370. MH 370 was a normal scheduled Malaysian airline flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The flight took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 8th March 2014 at 00.42 Malaysia Standard Time From Runway 32R carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members. 40 minutes after takeoff the plane disappeared from Radar and there is still no clue about it that where it exactly disappeared. Even there is no clue of where the debris of the flight was. It's been almost more than 5 years but there is still no evidence of this disappeared plane making it the "Worlds Biggest Aviation Mystery".

So here is the sequence of events that happened with the flight. After getting the clearance for takeoff the flight departed on schedule time. 30 minutes after the takeoff pilot gives the Malaysian ATC message "good night" and the flight took it's desired path towards Vietnam. Malaysian ATC finally transfers the request to Vietnam ATC but when Vietnam ATC tries to contact the flight doesn't respond and loses contact with the ATC that's where the mystery of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 begins its story. The rescue team immediately comes into action and tries to search the plane in that area where it lost contact with ATC but couldn't find any clue. The most shocking thing about this flight was that the transponder of the flight was switched off. The transponder is a device in the flight through which the plane receives the signal from Air Traffic Control (ATC) and maintains the contact on the ground throughout the flight. There were reports that the pilot intentionally switched off the transponder to make this flight disappear. What was even more shocking that the plane took 190 degrees turn and deviated from its actual path to Thailand Malaysia border towards Penang. After that, it moved further towards the deep southern Indian Ocean where it has expected to be crashed. This means that the flight flew for more than 7 hrs after losing contact with the ATC till the flight fuel was not exhausted. 

So here are some biggest proofs that the pilot of this plane had planned the murder of 239 people. Including his own Suicide. 
  • Intentionally switching off the transponder of the flight. a normal pilot wouldn't do it at all if he wants to keep his passengers safe. This means that he wanted to keep this flight away from air traffic contact adding a big proof to the mystery of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370.  
  • Diverting the flight from it's planned route a sensible pilot will no do it at any cost and will follow it's desired path. This gives an indication that the wanted to keep this flight secretly away from the ATC and radars. 
  • Taking a sudden deep turn of 190 degrees which is not at all possible in any circumstances even if there are some severe technical issues in the flight. This can be only done if the pilot intentionally turns it as all the flight controls are under his hands only.
  • He flew the flight over Malaysia Thailand border away from military radars of Thailand and Malaysia which makes it evident that he wanted to disappear this plane so that plane is not at all traceable to Malaysia or Thailand military radars this gives big goosebumps regarding the mystery of flight MH 370.
  • Another big proof that makes us ensure that this crash was planned was that the pilot took the plane to those areas where the plane wasn't easily traceable or reachable to military or ATC radars. This means he wanted to crash this plane in a very secret location so that no one could find it forever.
  • There were also reports that flight flew up to 47000 FT which is not advisable as per ATC because flying at such levels means that you are freezing the plane engine which can result in damaging the plane engine. The plane flew at such levels for a quite long time. The pilot had also switched off the oxygen supply of the plane making the passengers fainted with nose and ear bleeding before the crash. So at the final moments of the crash, most of the passengers had already fainted and died. Which seriously means the plane had become a graveyard before it smashed into the sea.
  • The pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah had a very pissed off life he didn't have good relations with his wife. Just a day before the takeoff of the flight his wife had divorced him and there were reports that he was flirting with a young lady who had ditched him too. So he was very much depressed with his personal life and could be a big reason that he might think of committing suicide. There have been many previous cases of pilot suicide where the plane was intentionally crashed by pilots due to their disturbed personal life recent example was of German-wings flight 9525 in March 2015 which was a clear case of pilot suicide. So the mystery of Malaysian airlines flight MH 370 boils a lot to this point.  
  • The pilot had flight simulator in his home when Malaysian police raided his home a pilot with 18000 hrs of flying experience doesn't need it at all. Which means he had planned this crash months ago with proper planning. He was practicing this crash on the flight simulator months before the takeoff this plane.
So at last when the plane crashed it fell to at least 35000 FT Per Minute more than the speed of the sound at an angle of 90 Degrees when it crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean breaking the plane into millions of pieces and which was seen by the US satellites. The search operation of this flight continued for more than 3 years involving more than 35 countries but this search operation was called off on January 2017 as there was no clue found in this case making it the most expensive search operation. So the mystery of Malaysian airlines flight MH 370 still remains very suspicious to the world till date even now. The very same year on 17th July 2014 also another Malaysian flight MH 17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down in eastern Ukraine by Russian Buk missile killing 283 people and 15 crew members on board making it the deadliest airline shoot down in the history on the aviation industry. There have deadly air crashes but the debris of the planes has been found in most of the cases but in this case, there was no debris or any evidence found of this flight making this as the worlds biggest aviation mystery where the pilot of this plane was a big culprit behind the disappearance of this plane.


Unknown said…
It certainly appears to be a pilot suicide mission. The pilot must have been a psychotic narcissist. He was rotten to the core.
Business Travel said…
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